Seeing Inside the Bone with a 3D Cone CT Scan

We Are Proud to Offer 3D Cone Beam Imaging to Our Patients at No Extra Cost!

A cone beam CT creates a 3D view and cross sections of the target area. The information it provides is critical for a number of situations, including helping to visualize root positions to make room for implants during orthodontic treatment, and being able to clearly see the position of impacted canines enhancing proper orthodontic tooth movement. In addition, we can perform airway volume measurements using 3D imaging if a patient has breathing issues, which would show if tonsil or adenoid removal is recommended. Finally, we can see bone lesions and tumors before orthodontic treatment which may impact the movement of the teeth.

How Do I Benefit from Cone Beam 3D Imaging?

Aside from providing more complete information, dental CBCT scans emit very little radiation. This low level of radiation far outweighs the risk of an inaccurate diagnosis. A CBCT scan ensures that Dr. Paschen will be able to diagnose you with the best possible accuracy. For more information about cone beam 3D imaging, give us a call at (608) 356-7846, (608) 356-6611 or send us an email.